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Stewart Sher Lead Vocals
Reed Walsh
Pete Harrison Bass/Vocals
Ken Dayton Keyboards
Dan McNamara Drums
Scott Mitchell Sax/Vocals
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Stewart Sher Vocals:  

Founding member of the British Beat, Stewart has been singing rock and blues for many years working with various bands from the Los Angeles area.  Stewart's strength as an artist is to replicate the original artist with great accuracy, e.g. Rod Stewart, John Lennon, etc. and bring shows a certain vitality second to none.


Reed Walsh, Guitars/Vocals:  

Born in Hollywood, California in a musical family (Father was a sax player) Reed grew up on the music of jazz, swing, and rock and roll in the sixties and seventies.  Reed has worked with band members from Jethro Tull, War, and Blues Image.   Reed was the primary solo artist as a "house musician" in a LA hotspot for over 5 years.  He has toured or performed with many cover and tribute acts.   Reed still loves writing and recording his own music as well.


Pete Harrison Bass/Vocals: 

Playing bass and performing vocals since the 1980’s, Peter Harrison has toured with many notable acts including: Jerry Lee Lewis, The Boys, Glen Campbell, Cult  of One, The Motels, Concrete Blonde, Everclear and more. He has also performed with members of the Beach Boys and Bill Ward of Black Sabbath. Peter has played in venues such as the Hollywood Palace, The Roxy, The Viper Room, The Whiskey and the El Rio in San Francisco to name a few.  Peter has also toured throughout Europe with several original and cover bands.Earlier in his career he produced a CD which received significant airplay on college radio, and moreover reached #1 on several station on the 1990’s.    


Dan McNamara Drums/Vocals

Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Dan McNamara began his musical studies on the piano at age seven and began drum lessons at the age of nine.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Pittsburgh, Dan toured with the Younger Bros. Band for two years, after which he moved to Los Angeles.

Playing professionally since the age of fourteen, Dan has recorded and/or performed with The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Stephen Bishop, Phil Collins, Roger McGuinn, David Crosby, Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, the Indigo Girls, Jan and Dean, The Coasters, Leslie Gore, Mark Lindsay, The Cowsills, Papa Doo Run Run and others. He has appeared on numerous T.V. shows, movies and commercials including Cheers, Baywatch, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Dick Tracy. 

 Dan has toured extensively as a performer throughout the United States as well as many European countries and Puerto Rico. In 1988, he was a personal guest of Leonard Bernstein at a performance of the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center, N.Y.C.   As a songwriter and composer, Dan has written numerous songs, jingles and themes for radio and television. He is the founder of The Jingle Factory, a commercial music production company.


Ken Dayton Keys: 

Ken Dayton is originally from the Chicago area where he studied Piano, Drums, & Percussion. As a percussionist, he has performed with Ventura and Santa Monica Symphonies as well as numerous theater pit orchestras in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas. These days,   Ken has been spending more time at the keyboards and plays in several tribute and successful cover bands.


Scott Mitchell Sax/Vocals

Scott has been touring and working with groups in the Los Angeles area for many years.  His amazing talent and showmanship have made Scott one of the most sought after players in the area.  Scott works with British Beat on a part-time basis and the gig calls for it.  We love it when he does.

Stewart Sher: 818-300-5836

West Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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